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New HIFU PLUS+, a new machine from Korea that originated in innovation to lift the face without having to rely on injections into the skin. It was awarded by the Korean Association of Dermatologists as the best HIFU lifting in Micro focus category.   Why do many people switch to choose HIFU PLUS+ and how is it better? For traditional HIFU, the patient must apply an anesthetic 45 minutes prior to the procedure and will experience deep pain during the procedure. Especially the area of ​​the jaw or the skin that is attached to the bone is especially painful. But…


Filler is Hyaluronic acid (HA) whose molecules can be cross-linked to form a gel. It can be molded into the shape we want and can be maintained for a long time according to each brand. The advantage of using a genuine filler that has been received by the Thai FDA is that it can be checked. The side of the box must match the internal syringe. Serial number in addition, Filler disintegrates naturally or if the patient wants to modify the face, it can be disintegrated as needed. Filler is the adjusting substance to make your face shape more perfect.…


Many of you have probably heard of Botox a lot. Before choosing the right botox for yourself, let's get to know the real Botox first. Its official name is "Botulinum toxin A". It is originated from Clostridium botulinum. It is an innovation to reduce wrinkles and reshape the face to restore a youthful appearance. Botox is not only helpful for beauty; it also offers health advantages, including: Migraine neck muscle spasms Office Syndrome Excessive sweating, especially in the hands and armpits Real Botox is able to disintegrate naturally with no residual or harmful effects on health. Therefore, if you need…

Fat Killer

Fat Killer is the breakdown of excess fat under the skin, also known as cellulite, to be broken down in the form of cells at the cellular level through sweat or the body's excretion. Fat Killer is the name of a highly concentrated formula solution. It can break down fat for visible results. Where can Fat Killer break down fat? Cheek Wattle Upper Arm Thigh Abdomen Hips Precautions after Fat Killer Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. The broken fat is excreted in the urine and sweat. Change eating habits to prevent excess fat accumulation. Exercise should…


The best face shield of MADE, 16 points across the face is enough to strengthen your skin. Prevent some chemicals from pollution, dust, cigarette smoke. Reduce residues from cosmetics. does not cause accumulation, clogging Help detox the skin, clear waste. dirt from the surface MADE will stimulate the production of collagen, strengthen the skin, reduce acne breakouts for a clearer skin. Increase strength and flexibility to the face to make the makeup last longer. Reduce melasma, dark spots and acne scars. Stimulate blood flow and inhibit melanin production. Collect all performance in 1 with 16 points. Certified Homeopath recipe preparation…


PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a completely safe method of face rejuvenation which is one of  the several popular choices. The doctor will draw blood from the patient in order to centrifuge concentrated platelets containing growth factors. It consists of separate white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, all of which have the potential to heal injured cells spontaneously. It can also immediately repair skin and stimulate collagen production. When platelets and growth are present Once the quality factor is met, the doctor will inject fine platelets into the patient's face, concentrating on problem areas such as wrinkles,…

Fusion eye

No matter how much sleep I feel, it is not enough to solve the problem of dark circles and sagging eyes that we do not intend. It can be caused by staying up late, not getting enough rest, chronic diseases such as allergies or even rubbing your eyes vigorously. Repeated cosmetic checks make the delicate skin under the eyes bruise and small wrinkles. Therefore, it is a new alternative that is effective immediately upon filling. It's called Fusion Eye, or all 53 multivitamins and Hyaluronic Acid, to nourish the skin under the eyes to restore radiance and fill in the…

Vitamin Mix

"Refresh skin, moisturize and relax facial skin, stimulate blood circulation" Vitamin Mix 3 steps of facial skincare for the most refreshing and deep. Nourish the skin with vitamins 3 times more than applying cream and fully penetrate the skin layer. Cooling temperature -5 degrees will be during the retention of good vitamins to maintain efficiency and refresh the face and tighten pores. The circular massage will relax the facial skin. The blue light reacts as the vitamins are blended to penetrate the skin's surface, fired up and followed by acupressure massage to unlock skin tension and stimulate blood flow for…


F-IPL hair removal/clear face Another beauty procedure that has gotten a lot of attention from customers is laser hair removal. It has the ability to remove unwanted hair while also making the skin smooth and beautiful. The underarms and facial mustaches are the most common areas of concern for girls. Laser hair removal is the quickest and most effective method. Another advantage of laser treatment is that it can whiten skin, eliminate black spots, and even out skin tone, among other things. Laser radiation bonds to the pigment of the hair while it is still growing. It is capable of…

Diamond White

Diamond White is the main laser that can reduce melanin pigment production. There are 3 types as follows: 1:  Pink lips and pink nipples Destroy dark pigment / stimulate new skin cells to brighten and brighten unwanted dark spots. Adjust the color of the lips to make them pink including the nipple area to be pink 2: Reduce acne scars, black-red marks, blemishes, freckles Increase energy to destroy dark pigment to fade / Stimulate the creation of new skin layers to have a smooth, even skin tone. Reduce freckles and melasma caused by sunlight. Reduce dark spots, redness caused by…

Meso White

Meso White is a nourishing and replenishing essential skin nutrient such as vitamin ABCE, which is primarily a multi-vitamin complex. It increases skin moisture and tightens pores by nourishing the top layer of skin to deliver nutrients deeper into the skin than applying a cream. How does it work?  It is nourishment through the top layer of the skin to the dermis. The drug can penetrate into the skin quickly and the results are fully effective. Whiten skin Reduce dark spots Reduce acne scars, blemishes, freckles Nourish uneven skin tone Smoothen skin Who is Meso White suitable for? People who…


Melasma can be caused on by a variety of reasons. 1. Hormonal melasma: When there is an abnormal estrogen balance, there will be more melanin stimulation which causes melasma to appear or darker. 2. Melasma from the sun: direct or frequent exposure to UVA and UVB light causes the pigment cells in the skin to be stimulated to produce more melanin. 3. Cosmetic melasma: It may contain chemicals that are harmful to skin cells. For example, preservatives or mercury, lead and perfume. 4. Laser melasma: Laser treatment may make it more sensitive to light and cause fogging more easily. Therefore,…

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