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Diamond White

Diamond White

Diamond White is the main laser that can reduce melanin pigment production. There are 3 types as follows:

1:  Pink lips and pink nipples

  • Destroy dark pigment / stimulate new skin cells to brighten and brighten unwanted dark spots.
  • Adjust the color of the lips to make them pink
  • including the nipple area to be pink

2: Reduce acne scars, black-red marks, blemishes, freckles

  • Increase energy to destroy dark pigment to fade / Stimulate the creation of new skin layers to have a smooth, even skin tone.
  • Reduce freckles and melasma caused by sunlight.
  • Reduce dark spots, redness caused by acne.
  • Helps to adjust the skin color to be white, clear, consistent
  • Tighten pores.

3: Tattoo removal

  • Maximum energy destroys dermis cells with unwanted pigment such as tattoos and stimulates the creation of new skin cells to replace naturally and regularly.
  • Remove unwanted eyebrow tattoos

How Diamond White Works

To remove eyebrows tattoo, pink lips or pink nipples, you will need to apply anesthetic for 40 – 60 minutes. During the procedure, there may be some burning sensation. The face may be red in some spots, but it is not harmful to the skin. Because the energy released will cause the pigment to break down. The white blood cells then absorb these pigments and break down melanin pigment from the body and then be eliminated through the excretion of waste from the body.

In the first time, it may be effective about 50-80%, but for obvious results, it needs to be done about 3 times between 3-6 weeks each time. After the procedure, there may be scabs or black marks, but they will completely fall off within 1-2 weeks. You shouldn’t peel or scratch the area at all because it can scar the area and it will take more time to heal.

How to take care of yourself after Diamond White treatment

After Diamond White, your skin becomes sensitive (temporarily), you should avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks.

The wound should not be exposed to water for 24 hours and the gel must be applied regularly by the clinic to keep it moist. The skin will gradually scab off on its own.


The face should apply sunscreen to protect the skin from sunlight or light. You should use a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or higher.

Diamond White or lasers are not as difficult or scary as you think.

Under the supervision of a doctor and strictly following the doctor’s instructions, it can help your beauty stay with you for a long time.

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