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Melasma can be caused on by a variety of reasons.
1. Hormonal melasma: When there is an abnormal estrogen balance, there will be more melanin stimulation which causes melasma to appear or darker.
2. Melasma from the sun: direct or frequent exposure to UVA and UVB light causes the pigment cells in the skin to be stimulated to produce more melanin.
3. Cosmetic melasma: It may contain chemicals that are harmful to skin cells. For example, preservatives or mercury, lead and perfume.
4. Laser melasma: Laser treatment may make it more sensitive to light and cause fogging more easily. Therefore, it should be prevented properly and follow the advice of a doctor.
5. Melasma from stress: If you don’t get enough rest, it will lead to abnormal hormonal balance which will make your skin look darker.

There are two types of melasma:
Shallow melasma is a brown melasma that appears at the epidermal level. It is common and can have a large distribution on the face.

Deep melasma is a bluish brown that appears at the dermal level. It is difficult to treat and takes a long time.

There are 4 methods for treating melasma. * You must follow 2 of the 4 methods consistently for best results. *
1. Topical medication: The most commonly recommended medications are hydroquinone, azelaic acid, kojic acid, vitamin A derivatives, etc. It is a modulation of the melanin production process to help fade melasma, which may take some time to heal.
2. Lasers: Laser wave technology destroys densely arranged pigments into smaller particles and is naturally eliminated from the body.
3. Injection therapy: It can inhibit new pigments and eliminates darker pigments.
4. Oral medication : Medications used to treat melasma can directly reduce melanin production. It is recommended only for deep and extensive melasma as it requires continuous treatment and takes a long time.

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